Luther Mallory

Welcome back Luther!

Luther Mallory is a Live Music Producer a Performance Coach for bands and artists specializing in what he calls “Stage Psychology”. He doesn’t spend time with artists designing “moves” or “moments” or helping a singer plan out when to jump kick. Luther works to determine what is going on in the judgment- obsessed mind of the artist and then gives the artist tools to feel confident in taking risks on stage to become a better performer.

“All an audience wants to see is someone cooler than them do something cooler than they are capable of doing.” That requires a performer to have guts to be fearless in showing the audience who they really are. That’s when you get fans.

As an artist, Luther has been on stage nearly 1000 times as a singer in his former band, Crush Luther. He has run an indie label, managed, and produced artists.

As a Live Music Producer, Luther has worked with more than 200 artists over the last 3 years. Artists from Sony, Universal, Maple, The Junos, RISE Edutainment, UNITY Charity, and Canada’s Music Incubator.